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Why Founders use Almanac
Build a writing culture
Asynchronous collaboration
Remote onboarding  
Keep everyone on the same page.
Why should your documentation be separate from your work? Curate your docs into handbooks—so you can quickly share knowledge across your company.
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One of the benefits of Almanac I didn’t think about was the focus on deep thinking, mission-critical writing. Almost like a Moleskin equivalent for writing important docs.
Jordan Wan
Jordan Wan
Founder of CloserIQ
features loved by Founders
Request Reviews
Ask for feedback on docs and see transparent analytics on who has participated.
Manage all comments, notifications, and access requests from one place.
Give and document formal approvals on important docs.
Add tags to documents for easy organization and filtering.
Realize the full potential of async work.
Collaborate asynchronously with your team in connected versions and get feedback without multiple meetings or tools.
Incorporating Almanac as part of our core tools in managing has given us the chance to coordinate work with a completely remote team. Our workflow improved, and our speed of execution improved significantly.
Lakshanika Lammeera
Lakshanika Lammeera
CEO & Co-Founder at Yuno
Docs with total transparency.
Never ask “where are we at on that project?” You and your team always have the context you need to make great decisions and move quickly.
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This is fucking cool guys. You guys are cool.
Howard Lee
Howard Lee
Founder at LFDM
Before Almanac
With Almanac
Your employees are burned out from too many Zoom calls & notifications.
Every employee has time to do deep work and does async collaboration effectively.
Onboarding is a chaotic mess of docs and no one knows what version of them is the latest.
Onboarding docs are curated into a handbook that new employees can suggest improvements to on branches.
All your company’s knowledge is forgotten in Slack, email, and random Google docs.
Your team’s knowledge is in one place — right next to where they work in docs.
You have to use (and pay for) multiple tools just to get feedback on a document.
You get feedback and approvals in your doc, keeping everything in context.
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